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Upcoming Classes

Surya Workshop

Celebrate the start of Summer with Surya Workshop. Learn classical Hatha Yoga in its purest form!

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  • Surya Shakti - "Surya" means sun and "Shakti" means energy. This practice brings about physical fitness and overall wellbeing.

Activate the Sun within you with these powerful practices

  • Surya Kriya  - "Kriya" means inner energy process. This is a potent yogic practice that brings balance to your body, mind and energies

Session 1: Surya Shakti Part 1- July 5th 5:30PM-8:30PM

Session 2*: Surya Shakti Part 2 -  July 6th 8AM - 10AM

Session 3**: Surya Kriya - July 6th 10AM - 12PM

*Session 2 can also be attended by those who have learnt Surya Kriya and want to learn Surya Shakti

**Session 3 is for those who have already learnt Surya Shakti or have completed Surya Kriya would like to review it

Venue: Willoughby Community Hall - 20809 83rd Ave Langley, BC

Journey To International Day of Yoga 24'
(Online Program)

Join us in celebrating International Day of Yoga 2024 (IDY2024) with our Journey to IDY24 Online Program from June 1st to June 21st

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  • FREE Intro Session on June 15st

  • Daily Morning and Evening Sessions Available

  • Yoga Practices for Health, Immunity, Peace, Success, Joy, Love and Stress Relief

  • Pranayam, Guided Meditations and Kriyas

  • Yogic Food Tips and Demos

  • Guidance by 1750+HR Certified Hatha Yoga Teachers

  • Prizes and Giveaways

  • Live Culmination Event June 22nd (IDY 2024)



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